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Free Delivery


14-Day Returns

Certified Device

Buy refurbished iPhone 6 Plus – available in good (Grade B), very good (Grade A) and pristine (Grade A+) condition. Factory unlocked to all networks. Fully tested and fully working. Available in both 16GB and 64GB. Customise in either space grey, silver or gold.

Refurbished to a high standard by experienced technicians with over 10 years of experience. Free delivery and fast shipping to all over the UK. 14-day money-back guarantee. Comprehensive warranty.

More really does mean more with the brilliant, 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6 Plus. From its amazing camera, powerful processors and super-fast 4G connectivity, the iPhone 6 Plus packs in everything that’s great about the iPhone 6. But adds a larger 5.5-inch screen that gives you more room for doing whatever it is you like doing with your smartphone. Phablets and bigger phones are brilliant for watching video on the move.

And iPhone 6 Plus, with its vast Retina HD screen, is no exception. But even though it’s huge, it packs in even more pixels than any other iPhone to really bring your favourite shows to life. But just because it’s larger doesn’t mean this phone is hard to use with one hand. To take care of that, Apple has redesigned the buttons and introduced a clever one-handed mode so you can easily reach the furthest parts of the screen at all times.

It’s brilliant for those moments when your other hand is tied up doing something else too. It’s compact for its size too. At just 7.1mm thick, it’s one of the thinnest iPhones ever (only the 6.9mm iPhone 6 is thinner), so won’t take up loads of room in your pocket or bag. And cuts a dash next to rival handsets. You get a better camera this time as well. Especially when it comes to video recording.

For the first time ever, the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with the ability to record 1080 HD footage at 60 fps. And it can handle 240-fps slow-motion and time-lapse clips for when you feel the urge to get arty. It’s good for still images as well, of course.

That’s thanks to a new sensor that works with the 1.5-micron pixels and ƒ/2.2 aperture to help you focus on your subjects faster than ever. And to help you get the best possible results, Apple has installed improved face detection technology and exposure controls. Speed comes as standard with new smartphones. But few match the iPhone 6 Plus, which is compatible with the fastest 4G around to deliver maximum mobile internet speeds of up to 150Mpbs.

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